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Jorel Robinson for City Council

Today marks a great day where president and cofounder of the Big Bang Foundation announces his run for a seat in City Council.     Read more about the article here = https://www.thegazette.com/subject/news/government/former-mayoral-candidate-jorel-robinson-to-run-for-cedar-rapids-city-council-20190722


This year the Big Bang Foundation is teaming up with T1 Entertainment and Live ENT to make this Thanksgiving special for EVERYONE. On Thursday November 15th we are going to do a Turkey and Canned Food giveaway for families in...

Iowa Summer Jam

T1 Entertainment and The Big Bang Foundation is bringing back one of the largest festival and networking events they’ve been apart of…. Iowa Summer Jam. Iowa Summer Jam is an all day event with several artist performing on an...


Last night the Big Bang Foundation attended the YMMA Ball for the Boys and Girls Club. We hung out with the kids, gave a speech and made future plans to further invest in these kids future.

City Cleanup Pt 2

On March 13th we started something, not just to make a statement but to work towards bettering our community. This is not an overnight proccess or a 1 and done deal. So Saturday June 18th, the Big Bang Foundation...