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Today September  , Big Bang Foundation Member Jorel Robinson announced his Mayoral Candidacy! Jorel just turned 30 August 29th, and is ready to bring major changes to Cedar Rapids,  Iowa. To support his campaign goto his site www. votejorel.com and learn all about his platform and ways you can help.


Here is his announcement letter:

Cedar Rapids,
I’m writing you today with great hope and excitement for the days ahead. I want to thank everyone who has liked, shared, and commented. It is humbling and very encouraging to see. This is just the start, it is time for a real movement to begin! Yard signs, shirts, buttons and advertising are all big parts of creating excitement, togetherness and showing this city we mean business. I get up in the morning put my pants on one leg at a time, Go work a 10 hour day and try to survive. Since I am not funded by real estate companies, land developers, or a trust fund, I need your help. I am counting on everyone, of all walks of life to help win this race. If only the same people vote on Nov 7th, I do not have a chance. I need everyone of you especially younger people, to come out in numbers and show this city you care about what is going on and would like a seat at the table. Please Donate whatever you can and share!

For Peace And Justice,

Jorel ✊🏽



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