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The Big Bang Foundation is a group of individuals from Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Focused on engagement from the youth. Their mission is to motivate and inspire as many as they can, whether its through sports, entertainment, or even politics. Founders Jorel Robinson, Charles Crawley, Antonio Chalmers, Isaiah Snead, Domonique Walton, and Kasaan Robinson are all lifelong friends who each play a role in the foundation. Jorel is currently running for city council, Charles is the head of JR NBA and Cedar Rapids Diplomat basketball, while Antonio hosts Back to School/Food Drives, and teaches Dj/Music classes. While Kasaan started at the “Boys and Girls Club” as a volunteer has been hired on full time as a head staff member. Together they want to impact their community by investing in their future and target an audience of similar low income single parent homes which they directly relate to. Recently the Big Bang Foundation started a Summer Program “Lights On” for the youth to have a place to on Fridays from 6pm-11pm to keep them off the streets and doing something fun and productive with food and indoor activities. The Lights On program was greenlit and extended throughout the entire school year due to its positive impact on the city.