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  • Our vision is to reach the youth in need of guidance, connect to them on a level that teachers, authorities and their parents cant. Provide them confidence, empower them with opportunities and educate them on different ways to be successful.


  • The Big Bang Foundation strongly believes that being able to relate to the youth who are prone to getting into trouble, helps to promote change in a positive light. It’s simple, people are most comfortable when they have someone who understands their situation and that alone opens the door to expression, which then makes it easier to initiate change. Showing children at a young age how to not only be active in the community, but care about what goes on and stand against violence or anything deconstructive to the neighborhoods they live in. Changing one life is all we hope for, the goal is to reach as many kids as possible and have an impact by showing them a better way and providing them opportunities to do more positive things with their life. We want to establish more hobbies, increase the literacy level in the community, provide further appreciation for education, and preparation for college or work. We believe we have the ability to do this because we can relate to our target audience, we were in their shoes, we look like them, and we speak to them in a non judging, non condescending tone. We want to connect via empathy as opposed to having them be controlled through fear.